940 Native American Tribal Law - §014, Fall 2013


Instructor(s) Monette, Richard

Law of Indian Tribes: This course will focus on the political and legal systems of the “Indian Tribes” themselves. The usual course in Federal Indian Law deals with the Federal/State/Tribe relationship as determined by the US Congress and Supreme Court. This course will study the constitutions and laws of the Tribes, old and new, written and unwritten, as norm and custom and positive law. It will study several judicial opinions rendered by the Tribes’ own courts and regulatory bodies. To the extent that it will be necessary to provide the legal and political nexus with US law, the course will study US administrative actions, especially the Bureau of Indian Affairs, The Indian Health Service, HUD’s NAHASDA (Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act programs), and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Commission, particularly focusing on the “IBIA” the Federal Department of the Interior’s “Interior Board of Indian Appeals. There is no pre-requisite. The course is available for 3 credits.

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