Instructor(s) Davis, Stanley

Offered since 2006, the purpose of this course is to introduce students to the idea that the practice of law is often impacted by, and intersects with, politics. The politics can range from traditional politics involving legislation and elections to corporate or societal politics that might change the advice given to, or decisions made by, clients.

In this discussion course that usually has between nine and fifteen students, we examine contemporary events in Wisconsin and nationally to determine the legal issues, the political issues, and how a lawyer would incorporate them both into her role as counsel. Another important aspect of this course is that it provides an opportunity for students to practice developing and making arguments both to an authority and against opponents. Students are often assigned positions for a particular class period and required to develop and present the best arguments based on that position.

Students are required to complete a ten page paper at the end of the semester, but the majority of their grade is based on class participation, and the progress that they make over the semester in terms of identifying and addressing legal and political issues and arguing effectively.

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