950 Lawyering Skills: Lawyers as Community Leaders - §003, Fall 2011

Categories: Legal Profession

Instructor(s) Cagle, Ralph

Lawyers As Community Leaders: Communities frequently seek out to lawyers to provide leadership.   These opportunities enable lawyers to influence their communities, practice and expand their professional skills, develop connections (including clients) and realize great personal satisfaction.  Community leadership engages a lawyer’s aspirations and talents to achieve public good. This practical, hands on course deals with developing the tools needed to  provide that leadership.  Students will learn: a) how communities organize themselves and engage lawyers to achieve public good: b) the nature of leadership and its application in community settings; and, c) specific skills, knowledge and perspectives that will assist them when serving in leadership roles. The faculty has diverse experiences in community leadership.  Over a dozen experts will participate  in the course providing information, networking and helpful advice on how to meet community leadership challenges. This two (2) credit course meets once weekly (Wednesday 5:40 to 7:40 ). Class attendance is required. Grading is based on class projects, attendance and class engagement. A third credit option is available for students interested in working on a specific leadership project in a community organization. Faculty:   Michelle Behnke, Ralph Cagle, Jennifer Krueger

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