950 Lawyering Skills: Risk Management Skills - §007, Spring 2012

Categories: Law Practice Skills

Instructor(s) Kaiser, Aviva

Risk Management Skills Module: You have learned or are learning the Rules of Professional Conduct. But how do you implement those rules in your practice? How do you avoid the risk of running afoul of those rules? The goal of this one-credit skills module is to teach you some of the basic skills that you can use to manage your risk. The following skills will be taught in the one-credit skills module:
1. How to use the specialized research sources for professional conduct issues;
2. How to navigate the disciplinary process;
3. How to use case management software;
4. How to develop and implement law firm policies and procedures to reasonably assure that all lawyers and nonlawyers in the firm follow the Rules of Professional Conduct;
5. How to counsel clients about the lawyer’s role and duties;
6. How to draft letters of engagement/ retainer agreements;
7. How to draft informed consents;
8. How to evaluate the various types of fees and draft the fee section of letters of engagement/retainer agreements;
9. How to evaluate the unbundling of services and draft the scope of representation section of letters of engagement/retainer agreements;
10. How to read and evaluate liability insurance policies; and
11. How to screen cases and clients to avoid the ones with the greatest risk of malpractice by identifying risk factors such as expectations, communications, and control.
If you are currently enrolled in or have already taken the professional responsibilities course, you may enroll the skills module. Please join us in this exciting skills module.

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