953 SP Business Orgs: Transactional Skills Workshop - §002, Spring 2011

Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law

Instructor(s) Lipson, Jonathan

Transactional Skills
Workshop:  This simulation course
immerses students in a series of real-life transactions organized around the
formation and early life of a high-tech startup.  Students role-play as
lawyers and clients for the three principal actors in a fairly typical
deal:  the entrepreneurs, their former employer and their investor. 
Students will work in teams on many of the important elements of these
transactions, including negotiating and documenting corporate charters, bylaws,
technology licenses, stock purchase agreements, employment agreements, and so
on.  Prerequisites: Business Organizations I and at least one other
business law course (broadly construed).  It is limited to 18 students and
satisfies the upper-level writing requirement.  Please contact Professor
Lipson (jlipson@wisc.edu) if you have
questions the Workshop.


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