Categories: Criminal Law Municipal and Local Government

Instructor(s) Scott, Michael

Selected Problems in Policing: Clinical Assistant Professor Michael Scott

In this seminar students will explore a range of legal and policy issues relating to policing in an open, democratic, and complex society. Students will select specific public safety problems that police must commonly address (e.g., domestic violence, robbery, youth gangs, drunk driving, sexual assault, human trafficking, speeding vehicles, noise complaints) and explore those problems in depth. This exploration will consider, among other things, the proper police role with respect to the problem, the roles and responsibilities of individuals and groups other than the police, the adequacy of existing legislation, the range of possible responses to the problem, and the factors that should be considered in determining how best to address the problem. Each student will write a paper and make periodic oral presentations on a specific problem of their choosing. There will be assigned supplemental readings as needed.

Satisfactory completion of The Role of the Police in a Free Society (528-760) is recommended, but not required.

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