854 Clinical Program: Government & Legislative Law Clinic (GLLC) - §017, Spring 2011

Categories: Law Practice Skills Municipal and Local Government Health Law

Instructor(s) Noonan, Kathleen

The Government and Legislative Law Clinic
(GLLC) provides students with the unique opportunity to observe and participate
in the many facets of governmental law, policy and the legislative process.
Working under the direct supervision of clinical faculty and clients in
legislative, administrative and judicial settings, students will gain
first-hand experience working with government clients on legal issues with
policy significance. Placements currently being considered for the Spring 2010
semester include the Wisconsin Legislative Research Bureau, Legislative Council,
Department of Health and the Department of Children and Families. The GLLC
requires a minimum commitment of 12 hours each week, divided between 10 hours
of work per week at a client site and a two-hour weekly seminar. Students
accepted into the clinical program earn between 3 and 6 credits depending upon
their particular placement. Participation is limited to second and third-year
law students.

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