852 Trial Advocacy - §002, Fall 2012

Categories: Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Appellate Practice

Instructor(s) Christensen, Craig, Vopal, Edward

This course focuses on preparing a student to prepare and try a case, particularly a jury trial. Through the use of case files and assigned problems, students will do voir dire of juries, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, opening and closing statements. Students will also prepare and conduct a mock jury trial.

Upon Completion of this Trial Advocacy Course, our students should be able to understand, prepare, and present the following trial skills:

1. Have acquired knowledge of the basic goals/objectives of trial advocacy and the proper presentation and communication of these goals.
2. Understand and develop communication skills to properly and effectively communicate with opposing counsel, judges and a jury.
3. Know the basic elements/components/phases of a jury trial.
4. Know how to prepare, manage, present, enter into the record, and preserve evidence at a jury trial through witnesses and exhibits.
5. Understand the differences between the direct and cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses.
6. Understand the questioning structure and goals of preparing, presenting and communicating the direct and cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses.
7. Understand the basic principles of preparing, presenting, communicating and preserving proper objections to evidence and argument.
8. Understand the basic goals/objectives of jury selection, opening statement and closing argument.
9. Understand how to prepare, present and communicate goals/objectives during jury selection, opening statement and closing argument.
10. Have a positive learning experience during the course of the disciplined, structured and intelligent exchange of ideas, communication goals/objectives/techniques, and jury trial goals/objectives/techniques/strategy.

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