854 Clinical Program: Family Court Clinic (FCC) - §009, Fall 2012

Categories: Law Practice Skills Family Law

Instructor(s) Mansfield, Marsha

The Family Court Assistance Project (FCAP) is a hands-on experience for law students, designed to address the challenges presented by the great numbers of unrepresented family law litigants flooding the court system. FCAP students provide assistance to these litigants in divorce, post-divorce, paternity, and restraining order matters in Dane County. Students serve as facilitators/mediators, assisting parties through the family court process. Students work at the Dane County Courthouse and at a community office on Madison’s. Students staff these offices during the day and evening hours to meet the needs and schedules of Dane County’s working poor. In addition, students represent individuals in carefully chosen family law cases. FCAP is a full year commitment, beginning each summer and continuing through the academic year. The application process occurs in November.

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