939 SP Family Law: Adoption Law & Policy - §001, Fall 2012

Categories: Family Law Children’s Law

Instructor(s) Brito, Tonya

This course addresses adoption law and policy in the United States. Topics include: (1) an overview of the history of adoption law and current trends in adoption policy and practice; (2) the adoption process including an examination of the differences between agency and independent adoption, the form, timing and revocability of parental consent to adoption, the selection of adoptive parents and stepparent adoption; (3) parental rights of nonmarital fathers; (4) adoption by gay and lesbian parents; (5) transracial and transcultural adoption; (6) the federal Indian Child Welfare Act and adoption of Native American children; (7) openness in adoption, including opening sealed adoption records and open adoption practice; (8) international adoption; (9) the federal Adoption and Safe Families Act and the adoption of children from the foster care system; and (10) alternatives to adoption. The grade in this course will be based on class participation and attendance and a final examination. This course satisfies the Advanced Principles requirement of the Family Law Concentration and will not be offered during the Spring 2013 semester.

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