771 Trusts & Estates I - §004, Fall 2013

Categories: Estate Planning/Elder Law Law Practice Skills

Instructor(s) Erlanger, Howard

The three-credit version of "TNE I" will be roughly similar in content to the two-credit version. It will be a survey course on the legal and policy aspects of transmission of property, usually at death. It will cover such topics as intestate succession (dying without a will); wills; trusts and will substitutes; limitations on the disposition of assets and the impact of the Marital Property Act; powers of attorney and end-of-life decision making; and basic tax issues in the taxation of gifts and transfers at death. The third credit of the course will allow for elaboration of how TNE law plays out on the ground, and for additional emphasis on legal skills. There will be a couple of exercises involving interviewing or other activity outside of class, and there will also be an optional opportunity to develop these activities into a paper that would satisfy the upper level writing requirement, for those who are interested. (Participation in the optional writing exercise would not affect the grade in the course.) Students who take the three-credit version of TNE I will remain eligible to take TNE II or any other advanced course in the TNE / Estate Planning curriculum.

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