940 Patent Skills - §008, Fall 2013

Categories: Intellectual Property Law Practice Skills

Instructor(s) Casimir, David

This course will cover most aspects of patent procurement and use with a focus on gaining practical skills and with a client-focused perspective. Topics covered will include: taking invention disclosures, conducting patentability analyses, drafting patent applications, prosecuting patent application before the U.S. and worldwide patent offices, conducting patent re-examinations and other post-issuance patent challenges, patent portfolio strategy and development, assessing patent validity, assessing patent infringement, patent licensing, understanding the value and uses of patents as business assets, the economics of patent procurement and enforcement, conducting and surviving due diligence reviews, asserting and challenging patents with a focus on the district court level, understanding the complexities of human decision makers in these various processes (clients, patent examiners, judges, juries), and the business of working in the patent field (job options, economics, challenges, rewards). Both high level concepts and specific details will be covered. Each of the topics above will be discussed from a general strategic level, but will also be enforced by simulation of the activities, including the drafting, prosecution, business development, and enforcement of a patent application. A goal of the course is to provide a level of practical experience and training commensurate with a several month apprenticeship in a work environment.

Prior patent coursework is not required. While this course will certainly provide an advantage to those intending to have a career in intellectual property, the subject matter will also be useful to anyone expecting to work in a high tech environment. There will be no final exam or final written assignment. Grading will be based on class participation, which will include small research and writing assignments throughout the semester.

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