Categories: Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Instructor(s) Weston, Cheryl Rosen

Development of the modern civil action including pleading, discovery, and the pretrial conference; the trial; motions after verdict and judgment; appeals; state and federal procedures.

Learning Outcomes (Professor Weston)

By the end of the semester I expect that you should be able to:

1) demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the Stages of a Civil Trial and the relevant procedural
issues and devices applicable to each stage;

2) demonstrate that you understand the assigned Rules of Procedure and have a basic knowledge
of what the Rule means and how it is applied;

3) develop, over the course of the semester, your ability to analyze cases showing that you
understand the procedural posture presenting the issue to be resolved, the disposition of the
precise issue(s) presented to the court, the reasoning contained in the decision, and the relevance
of case facts to the law;

4) develop an understanding of the policy considerations that drive civil procedure, and current
trends and values that are influencing our contemporary system of civil dispute resolution.

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