954 Corporate Finance Law - §001, Spring 2015

Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law

Instructor(s) Trumbull, Peter

This course will familiarize law students with the fundamental concepts of corporate finance, an introduction to equity and debt financing and the relatively new use of derivatives, and the regulatory markets for these instruments. The course explores how these concepts relate to a variety of legal issues. A working knowledge of finance is required of any lawyer specializing in corporate, tax, commercial or bankruptcy law - whether as a litigator, counselor or transactional lawyer. Corporate finance-related issues also arise in a variety of other legal contexts. As, for example, an estate plan or divorce settlement may hinge on the value placed on a business; disputes may often arise over how corporate assets or cash flow are to be divided among different types of claimants. Furthermore, a personal injury settlement is often structured in terms of a series of future payments, the value of which is dependent upon which financial assumptions and theories the parties adopt. Business Organizations I is as a prerequisite; but with the permission of the Instructor other coursework or work experience in accounting or finance is may be substituted for the prerequisite. Inasmuch as this is a Law School course, even students with backgrounds in accounting or finance will find the course offers ample new material and perspectives to build upon their prior knowledge.

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