854 Clinical Program: Prosecution Project - §004, Fall 2016

Categories: Law Practice Skills Criminal Law

Instructor(s) Kempinen, Ben

Learning Objectives – Development of the ability to:

-Work collaboratively with others on a variety of projects
- Apply the skills developed in the project preparatory classes
- Act professionally in their daily work, including but not limited demonstrating integrity, punctuality, dependability, and thoroughness
- Independently complete focused research projects in a timely manner
- Prepare and respond to pretrial motions
- Understand file keeping practices and maintain accurate and thorough file entries
- Prepare and effectively represent the state in a range of contested court hearings
- Prepare to represent the prosecution on bench or jury trials

Assessment Strategies:

- Orientation of new externs – introduction to office staff, procedures, and rules and “shadowing” prosecutors to understand how they perform their various responsibilities
- Consultation – regular meetings with prosecutors to review tasks and obtain guidance and feedback
- Review and approval of written work – all motions or other court documents reviewed and approved before filing
- Supervision of courtroom work – prosecutors provide direct supervision of student courtroom work
- Debriefing at termination of externship – assessment of experience with on-site supervisors and extern
- Communicate with project director regarding the extern’s performance and experience.

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