University of Wisconsin–Madison

715 Torts - §001, Spring 2017

Categories: Torts

Instructor(s) Leachman, Gwen

A “tort” is a civil wrong, not based in contract, causing a loss for which compensation (damages) will be awarded. This course provides students a foundational understanding of the law of torts, including the bases of liability in tort law; causation in fact; proximate causation; damages, and the defenses used to limit liability despite proof of the tort.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understanding of the fundamental rules and policies involved in tort law;
2. Ability to extract rules and rationales from tort law cases;
3. Understanding of the role and differing characteristics of the common law, in contrast to statutory or regulatory law; and
4. Ability to identify legal issues in facts, to apply rules and policy to facts, and to argue differing interpretations of common law rules.

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