University of Wisconsin–Madison

988 SP Environmental Law: Natural Resources Law - §001, Spring 2017

Categories: Environmental Law Administrative and Regulatory Law

Instructor(s) Tai, Steph

Student Learning Outcomes – This course is designed to
1. Provide you with the necessary legal background to excel as a legal practitioner working in some way with natural resource management. This course does so by focusing on federal and state public lands management law, and also providing additional discussion on other areas of natural resource management.
2. Develop your skills as an advocate in this area, through the incorporation of numerous in-class exercises. These exercises are designed around exposing you not only to the traditional law school “appellate advocacy” contexts, but also other practice contexts, such as negotiations, notice-and-comment, and compliance.
3. Help you better appreciate the policy implications of doctrinal developments in natural resource law doctrine. This is especially the case in this change in administrations, where developments in the federal law of natural resource management can have profound implications for water, wildlife, forests, climate, and lands.

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