Categories: Law Practice Skills Immigration Law

Instructor(s) Heeren, Geoff

Immigrant Justice Clinic

Course Learning Outcomes:

• You will competently engage in case management, such as using case management software, file organization, timekeeping, and notetaking.
• You will effectively and sensitively solicit information from clients in interviews and learn to use trauma-informed interviewing skills.
• You will be able to evaluate the various options available to clients, estimate the pros and cons, explain these to the client, and recommend a course of action.
• You will be able to understand and apply substantive immigration law related to removal defense at a basic level.
• You will be able to research complicated questions of immigration law.
• You will demonstrate effective legal writing, such as correspondence, affidavits, motions, and memoranda of law.
• You will demonstrate oral advocacy skills, such as informal advocacy, direct examination, opening and closing statements, and the ability to extemporaneously dialogue with an adjudicator.
• You will engage in strategic planning, such as deciding how to frame a theory of the case, what evidence to pursue and submit, what motions to file, and what witnesses to call to testify.
• You will develop and refine your own definition of what it means to be a legal professional, incorporating the rules of professional conduct and your own values.
• You will collaborate with other students and work through collaboration difficulties.

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