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Section 001, Bankruptcy - Richman, Michael

Course Page for Spring 2019 - Richman, Michael

This course is an overview of federal bankruptcy law, with a particular focus on Chapters 7, 11, and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. The course will cover black-letter bankruptcy law in consumer and business bankruptcies, as well as the process of problem-solving that is central to every area of practice. Students will also gain familiarity with and understanding of the overall “system” of bankruptcy as it is practiced in the United States, as well as recent developments in the law including pending Supreme Court cases.

Learning Goals/Course Objectives:

Students will learn the structure of the bankruptcy system, the role of the main players in the bankruptcy system (debtors, creditors, and trustees), and the key tools available to each constituency in both consumer and business bankruptcies.

Students will have a functional knowledge of the law, the main forms and schedules filed by a debtor, the principal strategies to be considered for debtors and creditors, and other important aspects of the bankruptcy system to provide them with a solid foundation on which enable them to advise debtor and creditor clients.

Students will gain the analytical skills necessary to resolve basic problems in consumer and business bankruptcies by identifying the relevant provisions of the Bankruptcy Code and related laws, and applying them.

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