822 Family Law: Marriage & Divorce (formerly 'Family Law I'), Spring 2017

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Section 001, Family Law: Marriage & Divorce (formerly 'Family Law I') - Weston, Cheryl Rosen

Course Page for Spring 2017 - Weston, Cheryl Rosen

This course introduces the student to the fundamental concepts of family law. The covered topics include marriage, divorce, child custody, maintenance and child support. Although the course uses materials from a variety of jurisdictions, students are also exposed to Wisconsin laws, cases and materials to gain a basic familiarity with this state's treatment of family law issues.

Learning Outcomes - By the end of the semester I expect that you should be able to:
1. demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the Rules of Law that govern each of the Course Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Property Division, Maintenance, Child Custody and Placement and Child Support
2. demonstrate that you can apply legal principles and policies, whether found in case law, statute or rule, taking into account the facts presented.
3. demonstrate via in-class performance that you can identify the issues presented in a case; that you know how the case was resolved, and can articulate the court’s reasoning as well as your own agreement or disagreement with the outcome;
4. demonstrate an understanding that Family Law is not the application of fixed rules, but provides for the application of judicial discretion requiring a high level of advocacy, and an understanding of your client’s needs and objectives that will enhance your ability to serve your clients while demonstrating competent and ethical representation to the Court.

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