Curriculum Guides for Areas of Practice

Three years sounds like a long time to be in law school, but it means that you have only six semesters to learn how to think like a lawyer, understand the substance of the law, and develop the skills you'll need in your future professional life. We hope to help you plan an academic program that will help make your six semesters interesting and meaningful and ensure that your academic program meets your professional needs.

In the second and third years of law school, students have time both to explore the curriculum and to develop the lawyering skills they need. Our students choose courses from an extraordinary breadth and depth of offerings: they explore cutting-edge legal issues in the classroom and apply their knowledge in one of our many clinical programs.

If you have an interest in a particular area of practice, the practice guides below will give you information both about the courses, clinics, and seminars currently available and about extracurricular activities that will enhance your professional skills and interests. The guides also list the faculty who have an interest or teach in each practice area.

Practice Guides

Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Administrative and Regulatory Law

Appellate Practice

Bankruptcy Law

Business/Corporate/Commercial Law

Children’s Law

Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Criminal Law

Environmental Law

Estate Planning/ Elder Law

Family Law/ Divorce

General Practice

Health Law

Immigration Law

Intellectual Property

International Law and Comparative Law

Labor & Employment Law

Municipal/Local Government Law

Public Interest Law

Real Estate Law

Tax Law

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