At the University of Wisconsin Law School, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive community that supports the success, well-being, and belonging of all our students, staff, and faculty. We strive to be a campus and national leader in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, with an emphasis on racial and social justice. 


Our Mission

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are central values of the University of Wisconsin Law School as evidenced by the broad array of identities, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives embodied in our faculty, staff, and students. These values are also at the heart of our newly adopted strategic plan with three of the nine priority areas and multiple initiatives focused on DEI.

Our Office of DEI leads these strategic initiatives, supports other units within the Law School in pursuing their DEI goals, and drive these efforts forward throughout the Law School. The values of diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to the success of UW Law School.

"UW Law School will honor different and unique identities and nurture a welcoming and respectful environment that actively confronts bias and inequities, that persist throughout society."

Michael States, Associate Dean of DEI

Through the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, we will dedicate resources to advancing these core values across all the Law School’s activities, and create mechanisms that empower students, faculty and staff to raise all issues relating to DEI. We will launch anti-racism initiatives that educational institutions around the nation could follow.


DEI Resources

Law School Resources

Resources relating to diversity, equity & inclusion offered to Law students.

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University Resources

Resources relating to diversity, equity & inclusion offered to all students attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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"We as a community are stronger when we promote diversity in all dimensions and fulfill our longstanding commitment to equity and inclusion.

Equal justice for all isn't just a slogan. It's at the very core of our educational mission."

Dean Dan Tokaji

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