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The Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC) mainly provides legal information and assistance to community members on rental housing, employment, and public benefits issues. Resources on these areas are provided below.  

Rental Housing - Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance (EA) grants may be available to families at risk of homelessness.  To apply for an EA grant, an application must be completed at a County W-2 office. Residents of Dane County can complete the EA application at the Job Center located at 1819 Aberg Avenue, in Madison.  Residents outside of Dane County can find their local W-2 office by using the W-2 Agency Locator.   

After a person completes the EA application, the law states that any eviction proceeding is "stayed" or paused, pending the outcome of the EA grant application.  However, in order to actually stay or pause the eviction, the applicant for EA must request and receive a court order.  Students in the Neighborhood Law Clinic, together with other stakeholders and the Court Forms Committee developed forms that ease the otherwise complex process of requesting and receiving the necessary court order.  Below you will find 1) the forms, 2) information on when and how to complete them, and 3) instructional videos on how to complete the forms.  If you still have questions regarding how to fill out the forms, you may contact the Neighborhood Law Clinic at (608) 265-2441.  

First, complete the EA application at the appropriate county office and keep a copy of the completed application. 

Second, click here to be taken to the State Court Website where you can download or Print the Stay of Eviction forms.

Third, click here for instructions on when and how to complete the Stay of Eviction forms.  

Finally, below are videos on how to complete the Stay of Eviction forms.  

Click here for a video on How-to complete the Petition for Stay of Eviction form.

Click here for a video on How-to complete the Statement and Order Eligibility form.

Page under construction.  More resources on the following topics are coming soon.

  • Security deposit violations
  • Evictions
  • Section 8 terminations
  • Subsidized public housing
  • Conditions/habitability
  • Discrimination

Public Benefits (W-2 cash assistance, food stamps, Medical Assistance/BadgerCare, FSET, child care subsidies, etc.)

  • Termination of benefits
  • Reduction in benefits
  • Problems applying for benefits & application denials
  • Overpayment claims


  • Unpaid wages
  • Unpaid Overtime
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violations/denials
  • Illegal paycheck deductions

Uninsured Motorists

  • Car accidents involving uninsured motorists

Other Community Resources

Click here for a comprehensive list of community resources

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