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Martha (Meg) Gaines 608-890-4467 meg.gaines@wisc.edu 5211
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Experiential Learning; Director, Center for Patient Partnership (CPP)
Marc Galanter 608-262-2244 msgalant@wisc.edu 8113A
Professor of Law Emeritus
Shubha Ghosh 608-262-1679 ghosh7@wisc.edu 6111
Vilas Research Fellow & George Young Bascom Professor in Business Law
Jeffrey Michael Glazer 316-4300 / 561-4304 jmglazer@wisc.edu WID
Clinical Assistant Professor
Herman Goldstein hgold@wisc.edu 7104
Professor of Law Emeritus
Linda Greene 262-6351 / 332-1840 linda.s.greene@wisc.edu 9105
Evjue-Bascom Professor of Law
Rachel Grob 608-265-6267 rachel.grob@wisc.edu 4311
Director of National Initiatives