The Center's Vision for the Future

The clinical faculty, students, and staff of the Remington Center believe that the Frank J. Remington Center is effectively carrying out Frank Remington's vision of a "learning center." Recent changes in organization and course work have allowed the Center to refine the educational experience of law students and services to its clients. While the Center is often viewed as a criminal law program, its main interest is in the development of high quality lawyers, whatever substantive legal interests they may pursue. The Remington Center is in a constant state of self-evaluation and refinement, efforts that demand experience and reflection. For more than forty years, the Center has been providing students the opportunity to stretch as fledgling legal practitioners. As we move forward in the 21st century, the Center will continue to experiment, reflect, and grow.

A Group of FJRC Members looking forward

Remington Center Staff 1999. Back row (left to right): John Pray, Bruce Kittle. Third row: Ken Streit, Pete DeWind, Bobby Austin, Kate Kruse, Keith Findley. Row two: Peggy Hacker, Michele LaVigne. Row one: Jennifer St. Marie, Amy McDavid, Adele Morrison, Merideth Ross, Judy Olingy, Diane Collins, Walter Dickey.

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