Remington Center Creates New Clinic

Posted: 2007-06-20 02:53:00

The newest clinic in the Remington Center's cluster of clinical programs will be the Community Supervision Legal Assistance Project (CSLAP), which will begin operation in September 2007. Directed by Clinical Professor Judith Olingy, the program will provide a wide range of legal assistance to clients who are on community supervision through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections' Division of Community Corrections.

The clinic will emphasize an interdisciplinary approach to legal representation and provide assistance to clients with civil, criminal, and administrative matters.

Specific areas of assistance may include housing law, employment discrimination, child support, disability law, correction of credit reports, revocation hearings, alternatives to revocation, early release from supervision, and disposition of criminal matters.

For more information, contact Professor Olingy at 608-262-4870; e-mail:

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