New Articles from Remington Center

Posted: 2007-05-31 04:34:00

Three of the five articles in the Winter-Spring 2007 issue of the State Public Defender's Office publication The Wisconsin Defender are by faculty at the UW Law School's Remington Center.

Articles and their authors are "Lock Them Up Wisconsin" (Ken Streit); "National Eyewitness Identification Litigation Network" (Keith Findley); and "Sentence Adjustment Petitions: An Update" (William Rosales).

Remington Center faculty also were co-authors of the article contributed by the Wisconsin Criminal Justice Study Commission in the May 2007 edition of Wisconsin Lawyer, titled "Study Suggests Causes of and Ways to Prevent False Confessions." Professors Walter Dickey, Keith Findley, and Michael Smith are members of the Commission, and Byron Lichstein is a Commission staff attorney.

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