Judge Signs Final Order in CLLC/DOJ Class Action Lawsuit

Posted:  2010.2.15

In the fall of 2008, the Consumer Law Litigation Clinic and the Wisconsin Department of Justice, on behalf of the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, filed a class action lawsuit against an internet payday loan company, Arrowhead Investments, LLC.  The lawsuit alleged, among other things, that this company violated the Wisconsin Consumer Act in the issuance of internet payday loans to Wisconsin consumers.

Consumer Law Litigation Clinic (CLLC) Students were involved in every aspect of the case from pleadings, to motion practice, to appearing at hearings.  CLLC students, Peter Wyant and Joanna Beilman-Dulin, conducted the final fairness hearing and the settlement received final approval by the Honorable Maryann Sumi of the Dane County Circuit Court last week.  In 2009, CLLC students also successfully argued for the court to assume personal jurisdiction over the internet company, Arrowhead Investments, LLC.

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