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Posted  2011.09.15

As we approach the fall semester I would like to take a moment to share with you some changes and additions to the Economic Justice Institute, the home to many of the Law School's civil legal clinical programs. First, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Consumer Clinic's Mediation Project. Attorney Donna Erez-Navot, who has taught the mediation class during the spring semester over the last two years, will be supervising the students in a year-long clinical mediation program. Her office is in the EJI space on the first floor. In addition, Attorney Ann Zimmerman, who worked as the pro se coordinator for the State Court system, started in April as the part-time director of the UW Law School Pro Bono Program. She is working to expand pro bono opportunities for interested law students along with Project Coordinator, Julia Zwack, who started as AmeriCorps*VISTA service member this week. Their offices are also in the EJI office suite on the first floor. We extend a warm welcome to our new staff.

We also have made some name changes to make our clinic names more consistent. The Family Court Assistance Project will be known as the Family Court Clinic (FCC) and the Neighborhood Law Project will be known as the Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC). Thus, EJI is now comprised of five civil clinics: The Consumer Law Clinic (Sarah Orr, Director), The Domestic Violence Immigration Clinic (Rosa Frazier, Director), the Family Court Clinic (Marsha Mansfield, Director), the Mediation Clinic (Donna Erez-Navot, Director), and the Neighborhood Law Clinic (Mitch, Director). We are always happy to answer questions so please do not hesitate to contact any one of us in the coming year. Thank you.

Marsha Mansfield
Clinical Professor
Director, Economic Justice Institute

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