Workshop on Forced Migration, Health and Human Rights

May 2-3, 2014

Workshop Description

The Health Cluster of the Human Rights Program will have a 2-day workshop on the topic of forced migration, health, and human rights, including vulnerabilities. While the convening topic will be health, forced migration is caused and impacted by topics covered by the remaining three clusters. We will encourage multidisciplinary thinking around the University’s role on forced migration issues, as it pertains to human rights within the framework identified for the human rights program (advocacy and mobilization; policy and social analysis; law and implementation; and accountability and memory). The results from this workshop will be published as a white paper, which will draw on the insight and expertise of the workshop speakers and participants.

Participants - The workshop is open to all faculty, staff, students and community members interested in the topic. We especially welcome participation by students.

Day 1, Friday, May 2, 2014
University Club

4:00-4:15          Welcome & Introductions
                       Banquet Room
                       Allison Sambo, UW-Madison

4:15-5:45          Keynote addresses
                       "Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and International Law: Kakuma Refugee Camp"
                       Allan Kiriga
                       UNHCR, Nairobi, Kenya

                       Dr Paul Gregg Greenough
                       Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School


5:45-6:30         Informal Reception and Networking
                       Fireside lounge
                       Facilitator - Lori DiPrete Brown, UW-Madison

6:30-8:30         Dinner for speakers, moderators and invited guests
                       Audubon Room

Day 2, May 3, 2014
Lubar Commons (7200 Law)

Toward an Agenda for Forced Migration, Health and Human Rights at UW-Madison: A Workshop to Create a White Paper

8:30-9:00          Breakfast

9:00-10:45        Panel 1: Framing the Issues
                       Moderator - Steve Stern, UW-Madison
                       Introduction to the HRP framework - Heinz Klug, UW-Madison
                       Introduction to the White Paper exercise - Lori DiPrete Brown, UW-Madison

                       Speakers: A. Aneesh, UW-Milwaukee
                                     Karen Solheim, UW-Madison
                                     Paul Gregg Greenough, Harvard Medical School


10:45-11:00      Break

11:00-12:00      Break out sessions

12:00-1:00       Lunch

                      Speaker: Professor Joe Elder, UW-Madison
                      "UW-Madison's involvement in Forced Migration Issues" (tbc)

1:00-3:00         Panel 2 - Reflecting on forced migration, lessons learned, and future steps
                      Moderator - Lalita Du Perron, UW-Madison

                      Reporting from break out sessions (30 minutes)

                      Speakers: Jonathan Patz, UW-Madison
                                     Allan Kiriga, UNHCR, Kenya

                      Next Steps - Lori DiPrete Brown, UW-Madison

Out-of-town speakers

Allan Kiriga, UNHCR, Kenya

A. Aneesh, Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Studies, UW-Milwaukee

Dr Paul Gregg Greenough, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School

Sponsored by the Health Cluster of the Human Rights Program and co-sponsored by the Global Health Institute. The Human Rights Program is supported by a UW-Madison Mellon Foundation grant for the advancement of area and international studies and coordinated by the Global Legal Studies Center.

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