Law and Development in the BRICS

BRICSLAW –Law and Development in the BRICS

A joint project of GLS, Direito GV São Paulo, and the Jindal Global Law School in New Delhi

GLS is cooperating with institutions in several BRICS nations to develop a new approach to the study of law and development. In BRICSLAW, scholars from these counties as well as experts on law in the BRICS from the US and elsewhere exchange ideas and experiences concerning the role of law in development based on local experiences in each country. BRICSLAW gets away from universal top-down prescriptions for legal reform and unreflective transplant of legal institutions from developed countries by promoting horizontal comparison in selected areas of law.

The first meeting of BRICSLAW was held at Direito GV, the Law School of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) in São Paulo, Brazil in November 2010 with support from the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) and the Tinker Foundation. Studies by Brazilian scholars of the role of law and policy in trade, finance, foreign investment, competition, intellectual property, and social policy as well as the role of courts in development were presented and experts on similar developments in Russia, India, and China as well as researchers from Brazil’s Institute for Applied Economic Analysis (IPEA) submitted comments on the Brazilian developments and similar experiences in other BRIC nations. Five UW faculty members participated in the November event. (November program).

BRICSLAW will hold its next meeting at the Jindal Global Law School in New Delhi, India in 2012.


Direito e Desinvolvitmento: Um Dialogo Entre os BRICS (Edited by David Trubek and Mario Schapiro) São Paulo, Saraiva (2012)

For an introduction to the idea of horizontal learning that underlies BRICSLAW, see David M. Trubek's presentation on 21st Century Law and Development.

Further information

David Trubek and John Ohnesorge serve as PIs for the project while Paul Borovay serves as Project Assistant. For further information, contact Professor David Trubek or Sumudu Atapattu, Associate Director, GLS.

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