South Asia Study Abroad and Internship Opportunities

Exchange Program with the National Law School of India University, Bangalore 

The Global Legal Studies Center and the South Asia Legal Studies Working Group are pleased to announce that a formal exchange program with the National Law School of India University, Bangalore was established in 2011.  This is the first exchange program that the Law School has in South Asia. Under the exchange program, up to four students will spend a semester at the host institution each year.  The first group of students from UW Law School went to Bangalore in the spring semester of 2011.

The exchange agreement was facilitated by Professor Shubha Ghosh and will be administered by Sumudu Atapattu under the Law School's Study Abroad programs.  Students apply during the spring semester for the following academic year.

Students who have participated in the exchange program:

Fall 2010 - Michelle Zamora (outgoing)

Fall 2011 - Daniel Riemer (outgoing)

               Angelita Renteria (outgoing)

Spring 2013 - Jitendra Kumar (incoming)

Questions? Contact Professor Shubha Ghosh with regard to academic questions and Sumudu Atapattu with regard to administrative questions.

Internship Program in South Asia

A summer internship program in India was launched in 2008 for Law Students.  This was expanded to include institutions in Sri Lanka in 2011. This program is administered by the Global Legal Studies Center as part of its Study Abroad Program.  Details

Summer 2009

      Charlotte Bernard - Fox Mandal Little, Delhi

Summer 2010

     Ali Abbas - Fox Mandal Little, Delhi

     Cana Laska - Consumer Unity and Trust Society, Jaipur

     Elisabeth Lex - Majlis, Mumbai

Summer 2011

       Laura McFarlane - Consumer Unity and Trust Society, Jaipur

       Christine Mumma - Fox Mandal Little

Questions? Contact Professor Mitra Sharafi or Sumudu Atapattu

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