HRP Research Clusters, Intellectual Framework and Governance structure

Research Clusters:

The Human Rights Program is constituted by four broadly defined yet distinctive research clusters:

Intellectual framework

These clusters will engage each other through a common intellectual framework which will include a special focus on four domains of human rights policy and practice. This framework will enable the different clusters to engage in a deep cross-regional and interdisciplinary dialogue:

  • advocacy and mobilization
  • policy and social analysis
  • Law and implementation
  • accountability and memory

Governance Structure and Steering Committee Members (2013-2015)

While GLS will serve as the administrative home, a steering committee comprising the Project Leaders - Associate Dean Heinz Klug and Vice Provost Steve Stern - representatives from Title VI Centers involved in the HRP and the four research clusters that make up the research base of the HRP will lead the HRP. The current Steering Committee members are:


Program PIs and Coordinator:

Cluster nominees:

Area Studies:

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