LANDS Meeting, November 2009

The LANDS Team will meet in Madison on November 6-7 to discuss the papers prepared by the members of the team.  Commentators drawn from UW-Madison will also participate.

While Day 1 will be open to the public (except the last session) Day 2 will be a closed meeting.  If you are interested in attending the LANDS meeting on Day 1, please contact Sumudu Atapattu by October 28, 2009. 

Venue: Day 1 - November 6, 2009 - Room 226, Pyle Center

             Day 2 - Novmeber 7, 2009 - Lubar Commons, UW Law School   


Global Legal Studies Center, UW Law School, Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE), the Research Collaborative on Remaking the Developmental State and CEBRAP, Brazil.

Draft agenda and bios



  • Diogo Coutinho

  • Mario Schapiro

  • Michelle Ratton-Sanchez

  • Helena Alviar

  • Manuel Gomez

  • Alvaro Santos

  • Shunko Rojas

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