"Critical, Historical, and Comparative Perspectives on International Humanitarian Law"

April 21-22, 2017, Pyle Center, Room 226


"Critical, Historical, and Comparative Perspectives on International Humanitarian Law," will be held at the Pyle Center on April 21-22, 2017. The conference will be an interdisciplinary conversation on the histories, rules, and implementation of international humanitarian law with the goal of beginning an exchange among practitioners, lawyers, and scholars who focus specifically on international humanitarian law in its own right, as well as in comparison with human rights and criminal law.


Tracey Blasenheim, University of Minnesota
Neta Crawford
, Boston University
Janina Dill, University of Oxford
Charles Dunlap, Duke University
Karen Engle, The University of Texas at Austin
Tanisha Fazal, Notre Dame
Siba N'Zatioula Grovogui, Cornell University
Isabel Hull, Cornell University
Ian Hurd, Northwestern University
Craig Jones, University of British Columbia
Pablo Kalmanovitz, CIDE, Mexico City
Kevin Kelly, University of Wisconsin Law School
Helen Kinsella, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Giovanni Mantilla, CIDE, Mexico City 
Frederic Megret, McGill University
Gabor Rona, Columbia University 


Papers are available here (password protected)


We have very limited space available for graduate students and faculty members interested in participating.  Please register here by April 14, 2017.

Full program

Summary of Schedule

Friday, April 21, 2017 (Room 226, Pyle Center) (Please note the room change)

9:00                    Breakfast

9:30-9:45            Welcome and Introductions

9:45-11:15           Session 1: Papers by Karen Engle and Siba N'Zatioula Grovogui
                          Discussants: Giovanni Mantilla and Charles Dunlap

11:30-1:00           Session 2: Papers by Pablo Kalmanovitz and Janina Dill
                          Discussants: Gabor Rona and Neta Crawford

1-2:30                 Lunch

3:00                    Coffee/tea and cookies

3:00-4:30             Session 3: (open session)
                          Papers by Neta Crawford, Craig Jones and Tracey Blasenheim
                          Discussants: Kevin Kelly and Janina Dill

6:00                     Dinner for speakers and invited guests

Saturday, April 22, 2017 (Room 335, Pyle Center)

9:00                     Breakfast

9:30-11                Session 4: Papers by Ian Hurd and Tanisha Fazal
                           Discussants: Isabel Hull and Frédéric Mégret

11:15 -12:45         Session 5
                           Paper by Frédéric Mégret
                           Discussant: Karen Engle

                           Paper by Giovanni Mantilla & Helen M. Kinsella
                           Discussants: Ian Hurd and Pablo Kalmanovitz

12:45-2:00            Lunch (informal)

2:00                     Adjourn

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