South Asia Legal Studies Workshops

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The first workshop was held in 2007 and since then the workshop has attracted a large group of scholars from across the US representing a number of disciplines and still enjoys its status as the only workshop on South Asian legal issues in the US. Panels are selected pursuant to a call for panel proposals circulated earlier in the year by a sub-committee of the working group comprising: Professor Mitra Sharafi (Law/History/Legal Studies), and Dr Sumudu Atapattu (Law) both of whom are also affiliated with the Center for South Asia and GLS.

The objective of the workshop is to overcome a number of divides between scholars, particularly between those working on colonial versus post-colonial subjects; inside and outside of law schools; and inside and outside of institutions in South Asia. There are many young scholars working in this field, and the workshop has facilitated interaction between them, between junior and senior scholars, between students and faculty, and between academics and non-academics.

Fall 2018

  • October 11, 2018: 12th Annual South Asia Legal Studies Workshop
    Lubar Commons (Room 7200) UW Law School
    8:45am - 5:15pm
    Call for proposals

9:15am-12:30pm  - Project Incubator Sessions
1:45pm-5:00pm  -   Short Paper Sessions

Preliminary Program

Please register on Eventbrite by October 4, 2018 for free. Registration is not required but will assist with planning. 

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