OSX 10.5-10.12 Wireless Printing

Make sure you're connected to the Law School WiFi (or the UW-Net wireless network, if you're in the Law Library).

  • From a clean desktop, open the system preferences, then click on the Print and Fax icon to bring up the printing preferences.

    os x.5 system preferences

  • From the printer preferences pane, you must click on the lock (if locked) to allow you to add new printers. Then click on the plus symbol under the printer column to begin installing the new printer.

    adding a printer

  • You must gain access to the advanced printer install options by right clicking (or control clicking) on the header blank space next to the "More Printers" button. On the menu that appears, choose "Customize Toolbar"

    add the advanced option to the tool bar.

  • Select the Advanced widget and drag it up to the tool bar into an empty space.

    add advanced option 2

    • Click Done, and then click the Advanced widget to open the advanced settings and dialogues. (Note: it will take a moment for the new options to load.)
    • OSX 10.5 & 10.6 Select "Windows" from the first drop down
    • OSX 10.7 - 10.11 Select "Windows printer via spools" and update the print driver in the "Use" drop down (the picture below is an older version where it was called "Print Using).  DO NOT USE the "Windows" icon on the tool bar, this method is only available via the Advanced button.

      http printer

    • type in the printer URL: smb://law-printserve.ad.wisc.edu/PRINTERNAME, where PRINTERNAME is the name below in the list
      Clinic  Printer Name
       Remington Center  WiFiFJRC
       EJI  WiFiEJI
       CPP  WiFiCPP
       Lawyering Skills  WiFiLS
  • Once you have set the driver model for your particular printer (listed above with the URL of the various printers) you can finish the setup and begin printing.


    • Enter your desired name for the printer in the name field
    • Select Generic PCL Driver from the Use: dropdown list and click Add
    • Check the box for Duplexer.
    • Print a test page to the printer

When you print the test page, you will be asked for a username and password.

Username = AD\NetID
Password = NetID Password

Make sure and test print from within the law school before counting on remote printing!!

For VPN installation instructions click HERE

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