Each network user has secured storage space on the Law School network identified as the R:\ drive.

Other drive letters (eg. S:\, J:\ or I:\) are used by some clinics and centers as a central storage area for files.

Each registered law student is allocated 100 megabytes (100MB) of storage space on the Law School Network. This is not enough to store a complete backup of a laptop, however, it should be able to hold course related documents. Please contact help@law.wisc.edu if you have concerns about space usage.

Most AV files are are not allowed and will be removed automatically as unusual space usage is detected. (mp3, .mov, etc.)

To check how much space you are using

  • Double-click "My Computer"
  • Double-click the R:\ drive icon
  • From the menu bar, choose Edit > Select All.
  • With all items selected, right-click on any folder and choose "Properties". After a few moments, the system will tell you how much space you are using.

Deleting files:

  • Do not delete the following folders on the R:\ drive: PROFILE, BROWSER, EMAIL. These are required system folders.
  • To move files to a floppy disk or USB drive
    • Right-click a file
    • Choose the "Send To" menu item which will produce a sub-menu
    • Select "3 1/2 Floppy (A)" or a USB drive that has been inserted
    • After the file copies to the floppy disk, delete the original by right-clicking it again and choosing "Delete"

Remote Access:

Full details on remote access for Windows XP and Macintosh OSX.

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