Law and Society Association 50 Years On: Taking Stock, Looking Forward

50th Anniversary Project Committee Meeting -- October 25-26, 2013


General Information

LSA's 50th Anniversary: The Law and Society Association was founded in 1964 by group of scholars, including several based at the University of Wisconsin.  The Association will celebrate its 50th year at the 2014 Annual Meeting to be held in Minneapolis.

The 50th Anniversary Visioning Project:
As the Association nears its 50th Anniversary, LSA leadership decided not only to celebrate accomplishments but also look forward to the coming decades. The 50th Anniversary Project was set up to assess recent changes in the field of socio-legal studies, stimulate discussion about issues the Association faces, and help identify opportunities it might seize. The project explores four primary issues: strengthening our ties to component disciplines; envisioning a global field; fortifying socio-legal education; and enhancing the relationship between scholarship, policy, and social change. The project is carried out by the Law and Society Association's 50th Anniversary Committee (50 APC).

Meeting Overview:
The purpose of this meeting of the 50 APC is to finalize plans for the Project. The meeting will be chaired by David M. Trubek (Voss-Bascom Professor of Law and Dean of International Studies Emeritus at Wisconsin and Senior Research Fellow, Harvard Law School Program on the Legal Profession), and co-sponsored by the Institute for Legal Studies, the UW Law School, and the LSA.

Committee Members: Members of the 50 APC include Tatiana Alfonso-Sierra (University of Wisconsin) Jeannine Bell (Indiana University), M. Anne Bunting (York University), Eve Darian-Smith (UC-Santa Barbara), Laura Gomez (UCLA School of Law), Liora Israel (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris), Heinz Klug (University of Wisconsin), Greg Shaffer (University of Minnesota), and David M. Trubek (Harvard Law School and University of Wisconsin). Ex Officio Members who will participate in this meeting include LSA President Carroll Seron (UC-Irvine), LSA Executive Officer Susan Olson (University of Utah), LSA Past President Michael McCann (University of Washington) and LSA Program Committee Co-chair Rebecca Sandefur (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign). 

Participating UW Faculty: Joseph Conti, Howard Erlanger, Marc Galanter, Alexandra Huneeus, Elizabeth Mertz, Mark Sidel, Louise Trubek, Mauricio Villegas (Visiting Professor, Colombia) and honorary co-host Stewart Macaulay.

Program Information

Draft Program for Oct. 25-26 While all sessions on Friday are open to faculty, the session that may be of most interest is a panel on Friday, Oct. 25th at noon:  "Envisioning a Global Field: Terms, Concepts, Frameworks, Institutions, Networks"  There will be presentations by Greg Shaffer and Eve Darian-Smith, with comments by Marc Galanter, Alexandra Huneeus, Mark Sidel, and Mauricio Garcia Villegas.
The Saturday morning session is intended only for committee members but UW faculty participants may attend.

Information for Committee Members

Private Documents for Closed Sessions (access restricted)
This page includes internal committee documents from David Trubek, a bibliography and literature review by Tatiana Alfonso-Sierra, as well as other information for the panelists.

Accommodations for Participants: We will arrange reservations at the DoubleTree Hotel, 525 West Johnson Street, Madison. Please confirm your travel plans with Pam Hollenhorst.

Contacts:  Pam Hollenhorst, Associate Director, Institute for Legal Studies, and Tatiana Alfonso-Sierra, Committee Member, Project Coordinator & Doctoral Candidate.

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