American Bar Foundation Speaker Exchange Series

Inaugural session: Jane Larson (Wisconsin/law) Law reform and land ownership


Tonya Brito (Wisconsin/law) Adoption law.
Susan Shapiro (ABF/sociology) Lawyers' ethics.


Kathryn Hendley (Wisconsin/law & political science) Legal reform in Russia.
Austan Goolsbee (ABF/economics) Economics of progressive income tax.
Bernard Trujillo (Wisconsin/law) Bankruptcy courts.          
Laura Beth Nielsen (ABF/sociology) Sexual harassment and law.


Marc Galanter (Wisconsin/law) Contract law.          
Mary Rose (ABF/psychology) Juries.


Gregory Shaffer (Wisconsin/law) International law and the WTO.          
Joanne Martin and Stephen Daniels (ABF/law & political science) Plaintiffs' attorneys and tort law.
Bryant Garth (ABF/law) International law.


Joint Conference on The New Legal Realism


Heinz Klug (Wisconsin/law) and Carol Heimer (ABF/sociology) Law and the regulation & delivery of AIDS medication.          
Victoria Nourse (Wisconsin/law) An historical study of law & eugenics.         
Christopher Tomlins (ABF/history) Willard Hurst and U.S. legal history.


Mitra Sharafi (Wisconsin/law & history) Women's use of courts in India.
Alexandra Huneeus (Wisconsin/law) Human rights and the Chilean judiciary.
Brad Snyder (Wisconsin/law) History of judicial clerkships in the U.S.


Cecelia Klingele (Wisconsin/law)  Parole project.
Alexandra Huneeus (Wisconsin/law) Comparative law project.
Bernadette Atuahene (ABF/law) Land restitution in South Africa.

Note: ABF-Wisconsin Visitors and Graduate Student Exchange Speakers also have included Joyce Sterling (ABF visitor) Gender & the legal profession; Katharina Heyer (ABF visiting graduate student) Disability law; and Sally Merry (ABF visitor) Anthropology and law.


Jothie Rajah (ABF)
Sida Liu (Wisconsin/sociology)
John Hagan (ABF/law), violence in post-invasion Iraq
Susannah Tahk (Wisconsin/law)
Tonya Brito (Wisconsin/law)
Emma Shakeshaft (Wisconsin/sociology)
Ajay Mehrotra (ABF/law), value added tax
Gwendolyn Leachman (Wisconsin/law)
Mitra Sharafi (Wisconsin/law), forensic science in colonial India
Traci Burch (ABF/sociology), police use of lethal force

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