University of Wisconsin–Madison

The 2009 Hurst Fellows

The Institute for Legal Studies
and the American Society for Legal History
are pleased to announce the following outstanding early-career scholars
have been selected to participate in the

2009 Hurst Summer Institute in Legal History
June 14-26, 2009 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Information as of April 2009

Kevin Arlyck, JD (New York University 2008)
PhD Candidate, New York University (2011)
Dissertation: “‘The Means of Preventing Disputes with Foreign Nations’: U.S. Federal Courts and the Atlantic World, 1793-1822”

Lisa Blee, PhD History (UMN 2008)
Assistant Professor of History, Wake Forest University
Dissertation Book Project: “Framing Chief Leschi: Narratives and the Politics of Historical Justice in the South Puget Sound”

Binyamin Blum, JSM (Stanford 2006)
JSD Candidate, Stanford University
Current work addresses legal reform in the British Mandate of Palestine between 1918 and 1937.
JSM Dissertation: “To Concur, or Not to Concur, That is the Question: The Judicial Independence of Judges Appointed Temporarily to the Supreme Court of Israel”

Nancy Buenger
PhD Candidate, University of Chicago (2009)
Postdoctoral Alumni Fellow in Law and History, University of Minnesota Law School, 2009-10
Dissertation: “Extraordinary Remedies: The Court of Chancery and Equitable Justice in Chicago”

Melissa Hayes
PhD Candidate, Northern Illinois University (2010)
Dissertation: “Litigating Intimacy: The Legal Culture of Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century Illinois” 

Kelly Kennington
PhD Candidate, Duke University (2009)
Law and Society Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin Law School (2009-10)
Dissertation: “River of Injustice: St. Louis’s Freedom Suits and the Changing Nature of Legal Slavery in Antebellum America”

Daniel LaChance
PhD Candidate, Department of American Studies, University of Minnesota (2009)
Dissertation: “Condemned to be Free: The Cultural Life of Capital Punishment in the United States, 1945-Present”

Cynthia Nicoletti JD (Harvard)
PhD Candidate in History, Univ. of Virginia (2009)
Dissertation: “The Great Question of the War: The Legal Status of Secession in the Aftermath of the Civil War, 1865-1869”

Gautham Rao PhD (University of Chicago, 2008)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Library Company of Philadelphia Program in Early American Economy and Society
Assistant Professor of History, Rutgers-Newark /New Jersey Institute of Technology (as of Aug. 2009)
Dissertation: “The Creation of the American State: Customhouses, Law, and Commerce in the Age of Revolution”

Joshua M. Stein
PhD Candidate, UCLA (2009)
Bernard and Irene Schwartz Postdoctoral Fellow at the New York Historical Society and the New School University (2009-10)
Dissertation & Book Project: “The Right to Violence: Assault Prosecution in New York, 1760-1840”              

Karen M. Tani JD (University of Pennsylvania 2007)
PhD Candidate and Sharswood Fellow in Law and History, University of Pennsylvania Law
Dissertation project: “Securing a Right to Welfare: Public Assistance Administration and the Rule of Law, 1938-1960”

Hannah Weiss Muller
PhD Candidate,  Princeton University
Dissertation: “An Empire of Subjects: Unities and Disunities in the British Empire, 1760-1790”

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