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ILS Past Fellows and Visitors (2000-2005)

Status listed at time of ILS affiliation may not be current

Bravo, Nauhcatzin Graduate Affiliate & SJD Candidate. Professor of Law, University of Guadalajara. Human Rights Protection in Comparative Perspective.

Collombet, Sophie Visiting Scholar. Doctoral Candidate in Law at European University Institute in Florence. Private Dispute Settlement: A Comparative Approach in France and the U.S.

Cottrell, Jill  Visiting Scholar, Fall 2005; University of Hong Kong.

Den Dulk, Kevin Graduate Fellow. Professor of Political Science at Grand Valley State University. Dissertation: The Interaction of Law & Religious Groups.

Falsarelli, Glaucia State Judge, Brasilia, Brazil. Coordinator of the Community Justice Program and the Itinerant Small Courts Program in Brazil. Currently completing a Master in Law degree at Essex University's Human Rights Center in the United Kingdom.Community Mediation as a Tool to Promote the Empowerment of Citizens in Brazil.

Farnham, Jennifer Graduate Student in Sociology. Exploring Innovative Collaboration Between Lawyers and Non-lawyers.

Franz, Michael Graduate Fellow  Doctoral Candidate in Political Science. Legal Issues in Campaign Finance.

Garcia-Villegas, Mauricio UW Tinker Fellow, Spring 2002. Professor of Constitutional Law, National University, Bogota, Colombia. Comparative International Perspectives on Law & Society Studies.

Gless, Sabine Visiting Scholar Senior Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law. In residence: Jan.-Aug. 2004 and Summer 2005. Criminal Law.

Gonzales Mantilla, Gorki Visiting Scholar. Professor of Theory of Law and Civil Law; Pontifical Catholic University of Peru Law School. Judicial Power, Legitimacy and Democracy in Peru.

Gonzalez, Felipe Visiting Scholar. Professor of Law, University of Diego Portales Law School, Santiago, Chile. International Human Rights.

Goodale, Mark Graduate Fellow. Assistant Professor of Conflict Analysis and Anthropology, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University.  Dissertation: Interlegality in the Bolivian Andes.

Graubart, Jon Graduate Fellow. Assoc. Professor of Political Science at San Diego State University. Dissertation: NAFTA and the NAALC Agreement.

Hoffmann, Elizabeth Graduate Fellow. Professor of Sociology at Purdue University. Dissertation: Dispute Resolution in Business in the UK & US.

Houtzager, Peter Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex  In residence: Oct. 25-Dec. 20, 2003. Dispute Resolution in Brazil and the Phillippines.

Jensen, Hanne Birgitte Researcher in the Department of Law at the European University Institute in Florence. In residence: January - May 2003. Research topic: Sustainability - A Constitution of the Mind (legal implications of the policy of sustainable development).

Kath, Peter Giessen Professor. Senior Researcher and Attorney at Law.  In residence: July 15-Oct. 20, 2003. Computer Law; European/German Law.

Knoll, Bernard  (Fall 2004) Visiting Scholar Doctoral Candidate, European University Institute, Florence. Miutilateral Institution Building: The Case of the UN Administration of Kosovo.

Kreuzer, Arthur Giessen Profesor. Director of the Institute of Criminology In residence: Sept. 1-20, 2003. European/German Law.

Krishnan, Jay Graduate Fellow. Professor of Law at William Mitchell Law School. Dissertation: Use of Courts in the U.S., Israel, and India to Advance Public Policy Goals.

Krug, Peter George Herman Kaiser Chair in International Law. University of Oklahoma College of Law. In residence: Dec. 2003; June-Aug. 2004. Comparative Law, International Business Transactions, Public International Law.

Levitsky, Sandra Doctoral Candidate in Sociology. Law and Social Change; Legal Rights.

Leal Arcas, Rafael Doctoral Candidate, European University Institute.In residence: Fall 2003. International Trade Law of the EC.

Lipson, Daniel Graduate Fellow. Asst. Professor of Political Science at SUNY-New Paltz. Dissertation: Affirmative Action As We Don't Know It: An Analysis of Undergraduate Admissions Reform at UC-Berkeley, UT-Austin, and UW-Madison.

Maciejewski, Mariusz Visiting Scholar. Doctoral Candidate at European University Institute in Florence.

MacLeod, Sorcha GLSI Visiting Scholar  Lecturer in Law, University of Sheffield. In residence Spring 2005. International Natural Resources Law and Human Rights. 

Marauhn, Thilo  Visiting Professor of Law, Fall 2005. University of Giessen.

Marin Duran, Gracia EUI Visiting Scholar, Fall 2005. Doctoral Candidate in Law at European University Institute, Florence. External Economic Relations of the European Union and International Economic Law.

Marco Colino, Sandra  Doctoral Candidate, European University Institute. In residence: Fall 2003. Vertical Restraints Under EC Competition Law & US Antitrust Law.

 Ntoubandi, Faustin  Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, Fall 2005. University of Giessen.

Meneses, Maria Paula Associate Professor, Center for African Studies, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique.In residence: May 2004 Reinventing Social Emancipation.

Monnye, Segoane Lawrence Visiting Scholar. Lecturer at the School of Law at Wits University in South Africa. Law, Medicine and Bioethics.

Naggita, Damalie Associate Dean, Faculty of Law, Department of Law & Jurisprudence, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. A comparative study between the ADA and other jurisdictions with disability rights protection, and the position of Uganda in disability rights.

Obregón, Liliana Assistant Professor, University of Los Andes Law School, Colombia (2003). In residence: Spring 2004. International Law; Human Rights; Latin American Legal History.

Oloka-Onyango, Joe Visiting Scholar. Dean of Law, Makerere University, Uganda; International Human Rights & Economic Law, Gender & the Law.

Parmar, Sejal Visiting Scholar. Doctoral Candidate in Law at European University Institute in Florence. The Fundamental Human Right of Equality: a Case Study of the European Union.

Perla Anaya, Jose Visiting Scholar. Professor, Sociology of Law & Communications Law, Universidad De Lima. Historical and Juridical Background of Telecommunications Policies and Regulations.

Quinn, Beth Visiting Scholar Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Montana State University. In residence Spring and Summer, 2005.  Sociology of Law.

Robinson, Robert Reif Doctoral Candidate in Political Science. Judicial Institutions and the Admission of Controversial Expert Testimony.

Rotaru, Vasile Visiting Scholar. Lecturer, State University of Moldova Law Faculty. The Role of Plea Bargaining in Criminal Justice.

Ruggiero, Cristina Doctoral Candidate in Political Science. Impact of Federal Constitutional Courts on Implementing Rights Policy.

Sachs, Honor Legal History Fellow 2002-03; Graduate Fellow 2004-06. Doctoral Candidate in U.S. Women's History and American History. Women, Gender, and Politics in the 18th Century Kentucky Backcountry.

Sirait, Ningrum Visiting Fulbright Scholar sponsored by American Indonesian Exchange Foundation and Institute of International Education. Antitrust Law.

Steward, Dan Doctoral Candidate in Sociology. Social Theory and Sociology of Law.

Strach, Patricia Lynn Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Albany, Departments of Political Science and Public Administration and Policy. The Family Structure in American Public Policy. 

Tamale, Sylvia Visiting Scholar. Senior Lecturer, Department of Law and Jurisprudence, Makerere University, Uganda. Third World Women and the Law; Feminist Legal Theory; Gender and Politics.

Thomas, William Legal History Fellow 2004-05.  Office:  Room 6218 (ILS)  Phone:  265-8428.  (Ph.D., History, University of Iowa, 2002) USDOJ and Dissent During the First World War.

Tamaruya, Masayuki Research Associate at the University of Tokyo. Fulbright Scholar at the East Asian Legal Studies Center and intern for Hon. Barbara B. Crabb of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. In residence January-July, 2003. Comparative law with emphasis on American law.

Torres, Joaquim Visiting Scholar. Doctoral Candidate in Social and Political Science at European University Institute in Florence. Political Discourse and the "Justice Crisis" in Portugal.

Tsesis, Alex Affiliated Scholar; Independent Researcher/Author. Regulating Hate Speech; First and Thirteenth Amendment Issues.

Ushijima, Hitoshi Visiting Scholar. Associate Professor of Law, Fukuoka University, Japan; Alternative Dispute Resolution in Environmental Law.

Veil, Rudiger Visiting Scholar. Assistant Professor, Humboldt University Law School, Berlin. Capital Marekt Law; Commercial Law; Corporate Governance.

Villa, Sonja Visiting Scholar. Attorney from Genova, Italy. LL.M. Candidate at the University of Chicago. International Law; European Community Law.

Weaver, Kate Graduate Fellow. Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas at Austin. Dissertation: Role of International Organizations in Legal Reform in Transitional Economies.

Zralek, Jacek Visiting Scholar. Assistant Professor, University of Katowice, Poland. Civil and International Law.

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