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Wisconsin Project on Governance and Regulation

The Wisconsin Project on Governance and Regulation (WISGAR), co-directed by David Trubek and Louise Trubek, supported research, teaching, and outreach on new forms of governance and alternative approaches to regulation. The project examined specific areas in which regulatory activity was underway and explored changing concepts of regulation and governance.  Recently the project looked at three areas: health care governance, transnational regulatory regimes, and new approaches to environmental regulation in Wisconsin.  In addition to being a constituent project of the Institute for Legal Studies, WISGAR was affiliated with the Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE), the UW Health Law Project, and the LaFollette School of Public Affairs.  While WISGAR substantially completed its projects by 2008, plans are developing for activities in 2009 and beyond.

Selected WISGAR Events


  • March 2-3, 2007 Workshop on Regulation and Governance of Health Care: Alternative Practices, Theories, and Visions. 
    Information and Program.
  • April 16, 2007 Workshop on War on Cancer and Accountability for Outcomes: A Transatlantic Dialogue on How and Why of Success.  Information and Program.
  • July 26, 2007 Series on New Governance, Regulation and the Law.  WISGAR, along with the Wisconsin EU Center of Excellence, the Law and Society Association Collaborative Research Network on Regulatory Governance (CRN), and the Centre for EU Law and Governance at University College London has organized a series of related sessions to be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association and the Research Committee on the Sociology Law at Humboldt University in Berlin on July 26.   Information and Program. 

Fall 2006 

  • Nov. 17-18, 2006  Workshop on Legal Culture and the Judicialization of Politics in Latin America  Hosted by Javier Couso (Diego Portales Law School and UW Visiting Tinker Professor 2006), Alexandra Huneeus (Stanford 2006 and Wisconsin 2007), and Pablo Rueda (UC-Berkeley JSP). Sponsored by the Global Legal Studies Initiative, the Institute for Legal Studies, the Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program (LACIS), the Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE), and the UW Law School, in conjunction with the Law and Society Association Program on International Research Collaboration (PIRC). Information and Program

Spring 2006

  • May 26-27, 2006  Law and New Approaches to Governance. University College London.
  • April 24, 2006 Workshop: Health and the European Union Health Sciences Learning Center. 
  • April 24, 2006 Marshall-Monnet Lecture: The Turn to Governance in EU Environmental Law by Joanne Scott UW Law School Room 7200.
  • April 21-22, 2006 Workshop: The Rise of New Governance and the Transformation of Law. 206 Ingraham Hall.

Courses on Governance and Regulation

  • Fall 2006: Selected Problems in Administrative Law: Regulatory Reform
  • Fall 2005: Examining Regulatory Reform in the Law School Classroom

WISGAR Affiliates

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