Law in Action

The Experience

The hallmark of Wisconsin Law School is its "law in action" approach to teaching, in which students learn not only legal rules, but also why those rules evolved to address social concerns, and how those rules operate in the real world.

Below are ways to experience Law in Action during each year at UW Law School, including how these experiences can provide an advantage in a future legal career.

Year 1: Using Law in Action

Use opportunities in and beyond the classroom to enhance your first year and gain hands-on experience in the law.

Classroom: Learn from professors who bring law into the classroom in creative and interactive ways.

Student Organizations: From professional groups to intramural sports, broaden your community and gain differing perspectives on the law.


Remington Center Clinic: Apply legal theory you've learned in the classroom through work with real people. The Frank J. Remington Center houses one of the oldest, largest, and most diverse clinical programs in American legal education.

Summer Internships Abroad: Participate in one of our summer internship programs in India and learn how law is applied in other countries. Whether it's with a law firm, a human rights NGO or a women's rights organization, your hands-on experience will enrich your legal education. (for 1Ls & 2Ls)

Year 2: Building Skills & Experience

Build your practical skills and your professional networks through clinics, journals, moot court and more.

Classroom: Continue to learn from professors who take the law and interject it into real-life situations.

Clinics: Apply the legal theory you've learned through work with real people. Choose from a range of nationally recognized clinics to fit your interests and receive course credit.

Journals:Gain writing, editing and project management skills by working on a scholarly journal or alumni publication.

Mock Trial: Advocate in front of real lawyers and judges, travel, and have a chance to shine in the spotlight.

Moot Court: Develop strong writing and oral advocacy skills, intellectual flexibility and the ability to function well under pressure.

Study Abroad: Participate in one of our 10 international exchange programs, attend the programs of other ABA-approved law schools, or create your own independent foreign study program. Earn up to 30 credits toward your degree. (for 2Ls & 3Ls)


Summer Abroad: Participate in our joint Marquette-UW-Giessen summer abroad program and earn up to 4 credits toward your degree. (for 1Ls & 2Ls)

Summer Clerkship: A unique opportunity to work for a judge for one or two years to further develop your research and writing skills, gain insight into the judicial decision-making process, and be exposed to many areas of the law

Year 3: Gaining the Career Edge

Use the Law in Action skills and experience you've acquired to gain an edge in your career search.

Career Planning: Work with Career Services to learn how to use your Law in Action experience to your advantage when applying for jobs.

Classroom: Benefit from professors who teach law through real-world examples you can use in the future.

Internships & Externships: Explore an area of law you're passionate about while obtaining practical skills and training.

Beyond Law School: Many UW alums continue to benefit from Law in Action in their legal careers. Learn more:

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