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Student Robert Lundberg receives Mettner award

Robert Lundberg

The Joseph P. Mettner Foundation (jPMF) has announced that it is awarding its annual jPMF Scholarship to Robert Lundberg, a third-year University of Wisconsin Law School student. Lundberg is seeking both a law degree and master's in environmental studies.

The $10,000 scholarship is awarded to law students planning careers in public service, and honors the life of Joe Mettner, who held a passion for public policy and was a devoted public servant himself.

“We continue to be impressed with the quality of applicants pursuing careers in public service at the University of Wisconsin Law School. The future public law and policy leaders are well prepared to carry on the tradition of the Joseph Mettner Foundation,” said Michelle Mettner, who, along with friends of Joe, formed the foundation in honor of her late husband.

“Robert Lundberg is a great example of the future lawyers the Foundation seeks to support --- a commitment to public service and high value in equitable application of the judicial process in the government and regulatory arena,” says Mettner.

At the Law School, Lundberg has participated in the Indigenous Law Student Association and the Environmental Law Society. He recently served as a law clerk for the Midwest Environmental Advocates. 

“I am honored to receive this scholarship and carry on Joseph Mettner’s legacy of public service. This award will allow me to continue my work towards a legal career that promotes the foundation’s ideal of service,” says Lundberg.

The jPMF was created in 2010 to honor the life of Joe Mettner by providing financial assistance to law students in need who are pursuing a career in public service. He attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he received a bachelor's degree in business administration (1986) and a juris doctorate (1992). He began working for Governor Tommy Thompson while still in law school and, in 1993, Governor Thompson appointed him to serve as a Commissioner on the Tax Appeals Commission. He served in that role until 1996, when he was appointed as one of three members—and later as chairman—of the state's Public Service Commission.

Past jPMF Scholarship Recipients

2011 - Jamie Yoon
2012 - Scott Zehr
2013 - Colin McGinn
2014 - Sydney Hawthorne
2015 - Michael Polich
2016 - Whitney Ederer
2017 - Marisol Gonzalez Castillo


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