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February is Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month 2017, the Law Library has compiled the following links to UW and Madison community events and resources:

Local Events and Programs

Black Culture Connection -- Wisconsin Public Television 2017

Links to films and stories centered on black history and culture. Includes links to WPT programs
for 2017, as well as past programs.

Black History Month 2017 - UW

Complete Calendar of events put out by the UW African American SAS.

Black History Month Open House, 2017

"Celebrate Black History Month at the Wisconsin Historical Society with powerful stories told through historical objects and documents combined with a step exhibition, spoken-word, and a presentation by Dr. Edward S. Holmes..."  Wisconsin State Historical Society, Thursday Feb. 16th.

Imam Daayiee Abdullah (UW Social Justice Speaker Series)
"Imam Abdullah, the first openly gay Imam in America, lectures internationally to promote understanding and awareness of issues of racial, gender and sexual equality within and beyond Muslim communities." Thursday Feb. 9th.

UW Faculty of Color Reception

"An annual event to celebrate and network with new and recently promoted faculty of color." Thursday Feb. 23rd.

Madison Public Library, Black History Month
"Meet the Author: Growing up Black in South Madison, with Dr. Richard Harris." Sat. Feb. 25th.
See also their links to Books and Resources, at the bottom of the page.

UW Departments, Organizations, and Resources

African American SAS
" African American Student Academic Services (AASAS) is a campus-wide program and is charged with providing support services to all African American undergraduate students regardless of their major, school or college and in conjunction with existing UW-Madison programs and staff." Site offers  links to academic resources and other information.

Black Law Students Association - UW Law School
Information about the organization, news, community events, and more.

Black History in Wisconsin
From the Wisconsin State Historical Society. A historical essay with links to images of significant documents covering African American history in Wisconsin from the 18th century through through the 20th century.

College Library Ethnic Studies Collection

Scroll down to "Ethnic Studies" for description of collection and UW
catalog link.

Department of Afro-American Studies, UW-Madison
Information about the department, course descriptions, and other resources.

Office of the Provost, Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement
Descriptions of units, policies, programs and initiatives, and links to relevant resources
and reports.

Wisconsin Black Student Union
Information about the organization, news, community events, and more.


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