New Resource for Comparative Constitutional Research

Constitute is a free, searchable database of 194 constitutions
worldwide. While not as comprehensive as World Constitutions Illustrated,
Constitute incorporates a special feature that allows the researcher
to compare constitutions, with relevant texts displayed side by side.

To compare the text of two or more constitutions, go to the
alphabetical list of nations, and click on the “Compare” button next to the
particular countries. Next, click on the “COMPARE” icon at the top of the
left side bar.

To compare constitutional texts in specific subject areas, browse through
the subject list in the left side bar (or do a full text search in the search box),
then click the “Compare” buttons next to the relevant nations* in the alphabetical

*You can select multiple nations at a time, but only two constitutions will display
on the screen at one time.

For questions or for more help on searching Constitute, contact Sunil Rao,
Foreign and International Law Librarian, at

Submitted by Sunil Rao, on April 21, 2015

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