Effective January 21, 2014

Students are required to complete the professionalism and ethics course BEFORE any pro bono activities performed after January 21, 2014 will be eligible towards Pro Bono Society benchmarks.  Students will be required to verify they have completed the course on the student time log and provide the date that the course was completed. 

To avoid having any hours deemed ineligible, students are strongly encouraged to complete the course as soon as possible. 

Class of 2015 and Later Eligibility towards Pro Bono Society Benchmarks*
Hours prior to January 21, 2014 Eligible without completing course
Hours after January 21, 2014 before completing course Ineligible
Hours after January 21, 2014 after completing course Eligible

 * Eligible hours are subject to Pro Bono Program approval according to program guidelines.

Access to the online course can be found below. If you have any questions or concerns about the course please do not hesitate to contact the Pro Bono Program.

Attention Students

Please save the date that you complete this ethics course because you must enter that date on the next student time log that you submit.The ethics course will not record the date for you - you must record the date on your own.

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