Student Time Log

Hours are due according to the following schedule:

Hours Completed During: Need to be Entered on Time Log by:
January - April May 31
May - August September 30
September - December January 31

There are no exceptions to these deadlines.


  • Hours Submission: Must adhere to the hours submission deadlines.
  • Training: A maximum of six (6) hours will be credited towards Pro Bono Society hours.
  • Travel: No travel hours will be credited towards Pro Bono Society hours..
  • Planning/Preparation: A maximum of ten (10) hours of planning, preparation, and interviewing for a pre-existing opportunity will be credited towards Pro Bono Society hours. Please contact us beforehand if you intend to count planning or preparation hours to find out if they qualify. If you are planning a brand new opportunity for students, please contact us before you begin.
  • We will only count 100 hours per opportunity towards the special recognition for graduating 3Ls with 150 or more hours every May. This means that you cannot get all 150 hours from the same opportunity and qualify for this special recognition. The hours over 100 will still count for the Pro Bono Society but after 100 hours they will not count towards the special recognition. To give an example, someone completing 100 hours with XYZ Opportunity and 50 hours with TUV Opportunity will qualify, someone completing 150 hours with XYZ Opportunity will not qualify unless they complete another 50 hours at a different opportunity or opportunities.

You will need your NetID and password to access the page below. This page will also show you all the hours that you have logged and how many have been approved.

On the time log, enter the days you worked and how many hours per day. Please choose the task from the "Task Performed" drop down that is closest to the work you performed; "Other" should be used as sparingly as possible and hours logged under "Other" may not be counted.

At the bottom of the page, there will be a section to input the date that you completed the ethics course. Before any hours will be counted, you must take the ethics course and save the date that you completed it. This course will take about 30 minutes. You will need to enter this date when you log your hours for the first time. You will only need to enter this date once.

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