Create Your Own Pro Bono Project

UW Law students who would like to submit a pro bono project proposal to the UW Law School Pro Bono Program in order to create their own pro bono opportunity.

  1. Law-related: You must perform pro bono work that is related to the law.
  2. Uncompensated: You must work in a volunteer capacity and may not receive any compensation, including stipends.
  3. No Academic Credit: Your work cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of a clinic or a directed study project, or to otherwise obtain academic credit.
  4. Supervision/Training: You must be trained and supervised by an attorney, law school faculty or staff member, or other licensed professional.
  5. Eligible Clients: Your pro bono work must serve:
  • People of limited financial means, or
  • Charitable or not-for-profit organization in matter which are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited financial means. 

Examples of qualifying pro bono projects

  • Volunteering with a not-for-profit legal services organization; or
  • Working on pro bono or public defender cases at a private firm.

Students wishing to perform pro bono projects that do not conform to the requirements need to schedule a meeting with Pro Bono Program staff to discuss their project proposal.

Please read the instructions on the Student Proposal Form carefully. You are responsible for adhering to these directions.

Fill out the online student proposal form here.

Download and fill out the student proposal form here.

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